Our youth development program seek to create a healthy social setting for youth through promoting youth and adolescent friendly spaces and job training programs. Our interventions for the youth also include integrating of our youth in other community development programs like tree planting,

Through A River Blue Vocational and Technical Centre (ARB VTC), we were able to train about 500 youths and adolescents from vulnerable families in different vocational disciplines such as block laying, tailoring, catering, agriculture etc. Our rigorous ARB training program endeavors to match the trainee needs with needs prevailing in the community to ensure our trainees become can immediately earn income from their trade and become self-sustaining.


Through Vocational Education, we plan to build a generation of youth with work skills that can sustain their families.  Furthermore, we plan to use the vocational school as an incubator, helping communities create businesses that in turn would make them self-sustaining and economically recover from the after effects of war that ravaged Northern Uganda.