What we do

Child Development Program

Our commitment to child development is deep and focused. We will support programs that enhance and promote the physical, mental and emotional development of children and teenagers in order to help them reach their full potential. We work with development partners to address specific issues with child development.

We are profoundly impacted by the plight of orphans and other vulnerable children (OVC) throughout the world, and we are working in rural communities to address this growing crisis. Children orphaned or made vulnerable by HIV/AIDS are likely to suffer from poor nutrition, poor health, low school attendance, and emotional difficulties. They also face the added burden of stigma and discrimination. Older children struggle to care for younger siblings and chronically ill family members, while living in financially stretched households. Many engage in high-risk behaviors to support themselves and their families.

At A River Blue, we recognize that the impact of HIV/AIDS on children and their families is not a simple problem with an easy solution. The situation is complex and cuts across all sectors of development. In response, we are working with development partners to;

  • Promote nutrition and good feeding program for infants
  • Design income-generating activities to support and sustain vulnerable families
  • Strengthen the care and coping strategies for orphaned children
  • Engage children and youth as active participants in programs that address their needs.

Education and Literacy Program

Quality education is essential for us to make effective choices about our own lives. It is critically important in our personal relationships and in finding productive ways to achieve financial independence. A River Blue has been working in partnership with different institutions to support various programs in the field of education. Our education and literacy promotion program aims at;

  • Supporting access to education for vulnerable children
  • Promoting literacy from preschool age to adulthood.
  • Supporting programs that help teachers become better educators who inspire learners




Food Security and Agriculture Program

A River Blue is committed to making positive contributions to the World Food Program (WFP) vision of “a world free from hunger”. Food security exists when people have adequate nutritious food available to them without fluctuations or shortages from season to season or year to year. It also means that food is affordable and of adequate quality. Environmental problems, such as climate change, land degradation, and many other forms of human activities continue to threat food security in Lango sub region. A River Blue is working with development partners and continue to seek more partnerships to promote sustainable agricultural practices in Lango sub region. Agriculture is sustainable when a farm is able to produce food indefinitely, without causing irreversible damage to its soil, water supply and environment. Our approach to promoting sustainable agriculture include promoting soil and water management initiatives among small holder farmers, encouraging farmer-to-farmer cooperation, improving market access, and  strengthening community-based solutions for addressing food shortage.

Water and Sanitation Program

Worldwide, more than one (1) billion people lack access to clean and safe drinking water. In northern Uganda, many families are in need of basic sanitation facilities including latrines. The problem of poor latrine coverage and lack of access to adequate clean and safe drinking water has left many children susceptible to water borne diseases like diarrhea, typhoid, dysentery and cholera among others.

At A River Blue, our water and sanitation focus is to;

  • Promote the supply of clean and safe drinking water for rural households
  • Help vulnerable households gain access to basic sanitation facilities, such as latrines, garbage pits, drying racks etc.
  • Equip rural schools with sanitation and hand-washing facilities.

In addition to these goals, A River Blue seeks partnerships to provide access to water and appropriate technology for smallholder farmers for family livestock and agricultural purposes 

Youth Development Program

A RIVER BLUE in our youth development program seek to create a healthy social setting for youth through promoting youth and adolescent friendly spaces and job training programs. Our interventions for the youth also include integrating of our youth in other community development programs like tree planting,

Through A River Blue Vocational and Technical Centre (ARB VTC), we were able to train about 500 youths and adolescents from vulnerable families in different vocational disciplines such as block laying, tailoring, catering, agriculture etc. Our rigorous ARB training program endeavors to match the trainee needs with needs prevailing in the community to ensure our trainees become can immediately earn income from their trade and become self-sustaining.

Through Vocational Education, we plan to build a generation of youth with work skills that can sustain their families.  Furthermore, we plan to use the vocational school as an incubator, helping communities create businesses that in turn would make them self-sustaining and economically recover from the after effects of war that ravaged Northern Uganda.

Where we work

Currently, we are undertaking interventions under water and sanitation program in Alebtong District.

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