Our Volunteer Program

A River Blue- Volunteer Program
Unlike a typical volunteer organization, A RIVER BLUE is a registered non-profit community based organization, which plans and implements various development projects in under-served communities in Uganda especially in Alebtong district in northern Uganda. A RIVER BLUE- Volunteer opportunities give volunteers from all over the World the unique opportunity to participate in community development projects, have insights about rural communities and be part of the change process.


Construction and Renovation Work Camps

There is a lot of fun working with local people on renovation and building projects such as schools, libraries, market places, health centers and many more. Participating in this project is challenging, you need a lot of energy to pond a nail, carry mortar, swing paint brushes, plastering buildings, land scalping, carrying water and mixing mortar. No specific construction skills are needed, but volunteers with knowledge in building plans and those who enjoy hard work are needed. Also volunteers applying for this program must be in good and have ability to do hard work.

Culture Exchange Programs

To promote culture of different nations for world peace. Our cultural exchange program are in touch with dance troops from different culture who can be invited to perform at ceremonies such fundraising programs, competitions etc. This also provide opportunities for volunteers to learn Ugandan/African dance, drumming, craft, art, in a homesteads or camping system etc. This program is most suited for groups.

Tree planting and environment conservation

With this program we, seek to help make Uganda green most especially for degraded areas/ that has been affected mainly deforestation. This program aims to plant more and more trees in selected schools, churches, health centers and other public areas. This program also will the long run conserve the environment, provide fuel wood, construction poles and timber for the community members.

Airport pick up and departure:

Upon arrival, a river blue staff will be at the airport to pick up volunteers. Volunteers must first send us their flight information before we can arrange a pick up. Notice of flight cancellations must be communicated to us promptly. Airport drop off is arranged for volunteers departing from project site only.

volunteers who decide to in country travel on their own will have to arrange their own transport to the airport.

upon your arrival in Uganda, volunteers participate in an orientation program for two days to acquaint themselves with Ugandan lifestyle. the orientation will cover session on culture, customs, language, beliefs, practices, history and background of area and area tour.


Accommodation is included in the program during your placement. Participants stay with carefully selected and screened host families. Period of participation is for short and medium term basis. Living in a rural village or small town, you will live with carefully selected host family

Application process:

Volunteer placements are influenced by your skills, preferences and project availability. Projects are very flexible so it’s all about using your skills and initiative where you can. Majority of volunteers are placed in the northern region of Uganda. There is often the possibility of working alongside other local or foreign volunteers.

Send e-mail to volunteer coordinator. Upon receipt your e-mail, we will assess your suitability for the program. if you are successful we will then send you a letter of acceptance. Once you have read through the acceptance letter and have all your questions and concerns addressed, the process begins

Our Volunteer Program

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