To reduce poverty by promoting changes in social and economic systems by creating low cost and sustainable programs available to the entire community.

About Us

A River Blue is a local registered nonprofit nongovernmental organization. A River Blue (ARB) Limited was initially registered (incorporated) in Uganda as a company limited by guarantee in 2010 (Under Section 16(1) of the Companies Act CAP 110) and subsequently registered as a NGO in January 2015, (Under the Non-Governmental Organizations Registration Act, CAP 113). 

Our Program Approach

At A River Blue we believe that young people have essential qualities to bring to the fight against poverty. We believe that every young person has the creativity, passion and determination to change the community around them. We further believe that by supporting education and encouraging entrepreneurship, we can empower young people to realize their full potential. That’s why we’re here. We want to unlock the potential of young people and work towards a vision

Our intervention areas

A River Blue was incorporated to undertake interventions in areas of;

  • Agriculture and agribusiness management
  • Water and sanitation
  • Promotion of gender equality and human rights
  • Private sector development
  • Health and HIV/AIDS intervention
  • Environment protection

Our Journey

2008-A River Blue provided non-formal vocational skills training benefiting approximately 300 vulnerable unemployed youths at ARB’s Vocational Training Centre. ARB also provided bursaries to about 200 students to attend local conventional secondary schools.

2009-American playwright Erik Ehn, first as Dean at Cal Arts, and then as Chair of the Writing Program at Brown University, brings a team of scholars and artists to visit ARB. Subsequent team visits follow in 2011 and 2015, building an international network of friends and supporters of ARB.

2010-Seventy unemployed youths benefit from a partnership project with Edukans Foundation-Netherlands in a project titled Alternative Vocational Skills Training for Youths in Especially Difficult Circumstances.

2011-The community agreed to provide twenty acres to ARB and construction of a new school complex began. A Public-Private partnership with the Government of Uganda, Ministry of Education and Sports in the provision of non-formal vocational skills training for rural unemployed youths, benefiting 30 school dropout youth.

2012-Mr. Okweny George Ongom and two Lango musicians visited Brown University where they made presentations about ARB.  They also made presentations at other colleges, churches and New York’s LaMama, an well known theater. Another partnership with the Government of Uganda, Office of the Prime Minister in the project titled; Northern Uganda Youth Development Program to deliver viable, marketable and sustainable modular vocational skills training for unemployed rural youths benefiting 120 school dropouts between the ages of 14 and 30. The partnership with Engineers without Borders USA / Georgia Tech (EWB/GT) is approved.  Planning and community surveys begin.

2013-With the reclaiming of the school building by the local Anglican Church, and the subsequent cessation of government subsidy, the vocational school ceased accepting students.

2014-The formal land agreement between the RAKI OKWEROCOBO clan leaders and ARB is fully executed. ARB received support from the Government of Uganda, Office of the Prime Minister, towards the implementation of Oloo Community Clean Water Distribution Project in partnership with Engineers without Borders (EWB/GT), and benefiting over 3,500 people. Construction on Phase One, the first two wells, is completed in December. (Phase Two, providing solar power to these two and a third well will follow in December 2015. In 2016, with Phase Three, a water tower and piping system will complete the EWB/GT project.)

2015-A partnership with The Besom (UK) provides and begins operation of a flour mill in April. Over 200 families are using the mill for processing grains for human and animal consumptions, saving labor and providing economic opportunity. Signed a Partnership Deed with Together We Can Inc. (TWC) as our US based fiscal sponsor. This permits American gifts to ARB to be tax-deductible, and potentially opens doors to further American funding. In July, TWC further improved the services being offered by the flour mill through the addition of a rice mill to benefit over 100 local farm families involved in rice production. 

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